An IEP Checklist

An IEP Checklist:
Transitioning from Regional Center to School District Services

Many parents facing the three year transition to school based services need to know what should be happening when. We have provided this check list to guide parents through this often confusing time.

30 months: Your Regional Center Service Coordinator
should facilitate an introduction meeting during which you will meet your School District Service Coordinator.
If your Regional Center does not facilitate this meeting, ask your coordinator for contact information so that you may begin the process of preparing for your IEP (Individualized Education Program).

31 months: You should have received an assessment plan request from the school district. If you have not received an assessment plan, request one in writing from the district. The district has 15 days (excluding some holidays and exceptions) from receipt of your written request to issue an assessment plan. Upon receipt you have 15 days to sign and return it. Note: Often the assessment plan is provided at the initial introductory meeting facilitated by the Regional Center.

32 months: If you would like an advocate or attorney to attend or assist you in the IEP process you should contact them at this time. A list of advocates or attorneys is available through your local Regional Center as well as within local resource guides.

32 – 36 months: Attend assessments arranged by the school district and Regional Center (necessary if your child will continue as a Regional Center Client) Secure any independent evaluations you feel necessary.

34 months: Set date of IEP. Request the presence of any current service providers that may be helpful in the IEP. Even though you may pay a fee for your private service providers to attend you may find their input very valuable. Your IEP should fall close to your child’s third birthday as services at the age of three transfer from the Regional Center to School District in many circumstances.

35 months: About 2 weeks before your IEP compile letters and progress reports from current service providers, school assessments, and any doctors notes that may be of value. Create a wish list of services and goals. Make sure to request any assessment outcomes you have not received at least a week prior to your IEP as you will need ample time for review. If an advocate or attorney will be attending, let your School District IEP Coordinator know.

36 months: The IEP is held. Services necessary to assist your child (after establishing eligibility) in accessing the curriculum will now be the role of the school district. Services necessary to assist your child in (after establishing eligibility) accessing the community remain with the Regional Center.

These materials were prepared by Mark Woodsmall, founder of the Woodsmall Law Group and the parent of a child with Autism. For more information on preparing for your child’s iep or on the three year transition to school based services, please contact us at

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