How do I schedule a consultation?

To schedule a consultation, please phone our office at (626) 440-0028. They will be happy to assist you in scheduling a consultation.

How much does a consultation cost?

They are free of charge and include one hour of attorney time. If you will need to reschedule for any reason we kindly ask that you notify us 24 hours prior so that we may allocate our time accordingly.

When I work with your firm do I get to choose the attorney I work with?

Yes, we are happy to assign an associate to your case. However on all cases we have dual attorney representation. Mark and an associate handle all cases concurrently.

How can I schedule a workshop for my parent group or office?

We offer a variety of workshops free of charge to the public. If you would like further information please dial (626) 440-0028. You will then be forwarded to the contact person in this department through our phone directory.

Do you offer pro-bono services?

Yes, we do offer pro-bono services on a limited bases. If you would like to inquire about openings in this portion of the firm please contact our office.