Wine Grape Crusher Destemmer, Zambelli Traminer – $6,250.00
Macro Picking/Fermenting Bin 24S – $295.00 (2 needed)
White Food Grade Bins – $22.95 (5 needed)
Harvest Tools, Felco F-2 Classic Manual Hand Pruner – $50.00 (10 needed)


If you would like to volunteer at Spero Vineyards please email us here!

Thank you to our supporters:
Candice Vaughn & Family
Kristin Kucia & Family
The Temecula City Council
Mike Rennie and Leoness Cellars
Doffo Winery
The Anselmo Family
Max Goldman, Esq.

With very special thanks to:
Autism Speaks – Community Grant Program


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