Probono Efforts and Community Service

At Woodsmall Law Group we realize that there is more to lawyering for our children than showing up for court appointments.

In addition to our professional commitments, all of the staff at Woodsmall Law are committed to an active life of community service and probono practice. In the last year alone, our team has dedicated countless hours to community service and statewide and national advocacy efforts.

Here are just a few of the great causes and events we have supported in just the last year!

Frostig School – Presenter
Autism Society LA – Presenter
Autism Conferences OC – Presenter
Autism Conferences LA – Presenter
FRED – Presenter & Sponsor
CDI Friends & Family – Presenter
CDI Friends & Family – Presenter
Casa Colina Trends in Autism – Presenter
Autism Speaks LA- Presenter & Sponsor
Autism Speaks OC- Presenter & Sponsor
Justine Sherman and Associates – Presenter
Parent’s Place – Participant & Sponsor
The Help Group – Participant
Westside Regional Center – Presenter
Center for Developing Kids – Presenter
Autism Speaks COPAA National Conference – Presenter
Parent’s Place – Participant & Sponsor
Buddy Walk – Down Syndrome Association – Participant
Autism Society of America – Transitions
Autism Society of America – LA
Autism Society of America IE – Presenter
SLDC – Presenter & Supporter
Non Public Options – Free Conference Sponsor
Circle of Friends – Supporter

For information about upcoming events, visit our calendar.

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