In-Home Support Service Appeals

Legal Assistance for Families Who Have Been Denied IHSS in Los Angeles

If your child is disabled, he or she may be eligible for in-home services provided by the state and delivered at the county level. The California In-Home Supportive Services program, or IHSS, can be a lifesaver, both for disabled children and their parents. The determination of eligibility for the In-Home Support Services offered through the state is a lengthy process. The first step involves an in-home assessment, in which a county worker will evaluate what services your child should receive, and how many hours per month.

If you have a child that requires 24-hour supervision, IHSS will be an extremely valuable resource to explore. You may have applied for IHSS and had your application denied or had the number of hours reduced. You have the right to file an appeal if you disagree with the decision. At Woodsmall Law Group, our attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of children in IHSS appeals.

Filing an Appeal for IHSS

When the county decides to end the IHSS services or change the hours, they will provide a Notice of Action which outlines the details of the changes. This document will also include a form where you may request an appeal. You will have 90 days from the date you receive the Notice of Action to make your request. If you are receiving IHSS services and have been informed that the current services provided are ending, you have the right to appeal the decision up to ten days before the scheduled change. If you appeal the decision before the change in your IHSS hours goes into effect, you will continue to receive all your hours until the hearing is over.

At the beginning of your appeal, you will need to request a “fair hearing.” This hearing provides you with the opportunity to state your case and prove that your family is eligible for IHSS support. The hearing process is a critical point in the success of the appeal.

Preparing for an IHSS Fair Hearing

Once the hearing is requested, you will receive notice of the date of your hearing. For a successful appeal, the process must be managed with a full understanding of the hearing process, and the types of information that must be presented. All documents related to your application must be gathered, including all of the “needs assessment forms” – forms created by the County IHSS worker – as well as notes regarding authorization for the number of hours of service or denial of service, and the most recent SOC 293 form. This form outlines what your child can and cannot do. Your appeal also includes creating a “position statement,” which outlines why you believe the decision was incorrect.

With a Los Angeles IHSS appeals attorney advocating for you, you are supported by a knowledgeable professional who can help you navigate the process, gather the required paperwork and witnesses, and prepare your case for presentation. The witnesses may include IHSS service providers, counselors, friends, family, or others who can provide information to support your case. At Woodsmall Law Group, we can help you through this challenging process, and help you seek the support you need and deserve.

Resolving an IHSS Dispute

In some cases, your case may be resolved without a hearing. Appeals workers may suggest “conditional withdrawal,” in which the appeals worker will agree that the denial or reduction in hours was wrong and will request a reassessment. If you do not agree with the reassessment by the appeals worker, your hearing will move forward.

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